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1994 Flop - Kent 3 Fundraising Concert Poster


I organized this concert to raise funds for a project fighting homophobia and discriminatory ballot initiative that was being proposed in Washington state at the time.
My second silkscreen poster that I designed, the concert happened at Seattle club Moe.
I'm happy to sign it!
Feel free to reach out with any questions, including questions about foreign shipping (it is possible!).
PLEASE NOTE: As with all hand silkscreened prints, there can be, from one individual print to the next, small inconsistencies. Different printers have different skill levels, and some are more consistent than others. In cases where we feel a poster/print has exceptional printing inconsistencies or errors, we will note that. But other than those cases, please be aware your print may have some very minor moments of being slightly off-register or some small ink mark. That’s part of the uniqueness of hand silkscreened prints.