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1996 Pearl Jam Seattle Concert Poster


This was my first design I created for Pearl Jam back in 1996. The same design, with different colors, was used in the Randall's Island poster first, then this variation was used for Seattle, my second Pearl Jam poster. It's in excellent condition and has been stored in my archives all these years. Two of the corners have very minor dings that would not at all be visible if the poster is framed. This is an Artist Proof (AP) that I'm happy to sign.

Because this is such a rare and high-priced item, we only offer to ship it next-day FedEx with insurance. We want to make sure this gets to you safely and quickly!

PLEASE NOTE: As with all hand silkscreened prints, there can be, from one individual print to the next, small inconsistencies. Different printers have different skill levels, and some are more consistent than others. In cases where we feel a poster/print has exceptional printing inconsistencies or errors, we will note that. But other than those cases, please be aware your print may have some very minor moments of being slightly off-register or some small ink mark. That’s part of the uniqueness of hand silkscreened prints.

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