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Grateful Dead 1987 Alpine Valley 17 X 23" Silkscreen Signed Print


Created privately to mark the 35th anniversary of the Grateful Dead's performance at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin in 1987, this is a 17 x 23" silkscreen print. Trimmed to bleed, each print is signed and numbered. This is a strict 50-print limited edition (along with a companion archival digital print that is smaller and also a limited edition of 50 - please see other listing for that) - there are no APs or overrun prints.
I attended this concert back then, with camera in hand (as I was taking a photography course at U of W Madison that summer), and was blown away as much by the crowd as the music. I wanted to try and capture that in an art print so I went back to my photos and did a ton of further research into the Dead during that time period, finding videos and photos of the band and the scene at Alpine Valley during that era. This was a labor of love - hope you enjoy it.
PLEASE NOTE: As with all hand silkscreened prints, there can be, from one individual print to the next, small inconsistencies. I feel the printing of these posters is excellent, but please be aware your print may have some very minor moments of being slightly off-register or some small ink mark. That’s part of the uniqueness of hand silkscreened prints.