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Signed Phish "Hot Dog" Print

  • Signed Phish "Hot Dog" Print

(NOTE: If you would also like to order the "Phishbowl" print, save $15 on shipping/handling by buying both prints at the separate listing on this site)

Roughly 20 years ago, we made limited edition prints of this image and they sold out. Since then, we’ve been getting requests for more. At long last, your wish is our command: with altered color and a slightly smaller size (11 x 14” as opposed to 11 x 17”) we are presenting this second run of prints that we hope all can enjoy, without diminishing the collectible value of that first limited run. The “Hot Dog” image originally appeared in a special Phish issue of Entertainment Weekly in the year 2000.

These prints are Archival Digital Prints on heavy Ultra Matte paper - the same as our other recent prints of Mike Gordon and Trey Anastasio. They are signed by Ward Sutton.

PLEASE NOTE: In the past I’ve accommodated requests for “doodles” on the bottom or margins of prints. This additional drawing takes a good deal of time; unfortunately I will NOT be able to create doodles on these prints. We’ve been swamped but wanted to get these prints out and there just isn’t time. I’m very sorry if this is disappointing but I hope you’ll understand.