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Official 2021 Seattle Seahawks "12th Man" Foil Variant Poster Signed


Amesbros has been creating limited edition posters for each home game of the Seattle Seahawks for the past few years. In 2021, I had the honor of being asked by Ames to create one of these posters. I decided to play off the theme of the "12th Man" - the notion that the loud, passionate fans of the Seahawks are, in effect, a 12th man on the field helping the team win. This was for the Seahawks game against San Francisco on December 5, 2021. These 18 x 24" posters are signed and bear the logos of Amesbros and the Seahawks. The main print is on heavy stock white paper, but this particular print is a special variant printed on foil paper, which adds a cool effect to the design.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, including questions about foreign shipping (it is possible!).