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2021 Seattle Seahawks "12th Man" Poster

  • 2021 Seattle Seahawks "12th Man" Poster

Amesbros has been creating limited edition posters for each home game of the Seattle Seahawks for the past few years. In 2021, I had the honor of being asked by Ames to create one of these posters. I decided to play off the theme of the "12th Man" - the notion that the loud, passionate fans of the Seahawks are, in effect, a 12th man on the field helping the team win. This was for the Seahawks game against San Francisco on December 5, 2021. These 18 x 24" posters are signed and bear the logos of Amesbros and the Seahawks. This print is on heavy stock white paper. We also have a few copies of this poster that were printed as foil variants, listed on the site separately.